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Over 90% of every dollar donated goes to those in need
Over 90% of each donation made to Kirwin International Relief Foundation goes directly to those in need. This web site as well other outreach materials are paid out of our own pocket or are done pro bono.

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Providing medical care and living supplies to refugees from Burma
KIRF had helping Karen refugess from Burma help themselves since 2007 when we first delivered medical supplies donated by a dentist in our home town of Ventura, California to a non-profit clinic serving refugess and a delivery of living supplies such as blankets, sleeping mats, kitcheware and food staples to one of the several refugee camps near the Burmese border in northern Thailand. Since our modest relief project in 2007, KIRF has supported helping refugees from the polical violence in Burma in many ways and places in both Thailand and Burma.

Cyclone Nargis Disaster Relief Project

When Cyclone Nargis devastasted thousands of square miles of the Irraddy Delta region of Burma in May of 2008, making millions homeless and ruining their source of subsistance via farming or other small businesses, we already had an informal aid network in place from the year before. Using out network of trusted contacts we were able to get disaster relief supplies into villages in Burma when large multinational non-profits trying to work with the military dictatorship and going through formal aid channels could not. Please read our field report documenting how we got relief to victims of Cyclone Nargis in Burma >

KIRF delivering humanitarian relief to politcal refugees from Burma

KIRF Founder Mark Kirwin with refugee girls who call the fensed in camp near the border of Burma their home.KIRF delivered medical and living supplies to Karen refugees through the Mae Tao Clinic located near the Thai Burmese border in Northern Thailand.    Many people come to the clinic from across the Burma/Thai border after having walked for days. Many of them are clearly starving and ill or have infections from wounds such as missing limbs sustained from the on-going guerilla was by the Burmese goverment against the minority tribes inside Burma. The clinic also treats the very poor Karen migrant worker population that works in Thailand under fear of deportation back to Burma. Please read our field report about delivering help directly to refugees from the violence in Burma >

  KIRF getting Cyclone Nargis disaster relief supplies into Burma (Myanmar)

June 10, 2008
by Mark Kirwin

The tragedy in Burma from Cyclone Nargis that hit on May 2nd is far worse than what we have been lead to believe. During the last few days, I have interviewed Burmese refugees and seen footage of the tragedy that the locals took using their cell phones and other small cameras. Many Burmese have gathered this information at great personal risk with hopes that the outside world will know the true extent of the devastation, homelessness, sickness, loss of life caused by the cyclone and the Burmese military junta's intentional interference with international aid to the victims.
Please read our field report about disaster relief that aided survivors of Cyclone Nargis in Burma >

KIRF Assisting Karen refugees from Burma with medical supplies donated by Ventura dentist and others

15 June 2007
by Mark Kirwin

The young Asian woman told me that the Burmese military placed land mines in her family’s rice field.  So she fled with her family across the border from Burma to the Thailand border refuge camps.  They had no money in the camps and the rations were poor so it was hard to take care of her family.  And it was not safe in the camps - twice the Burmese army crossed into Thailand and burned down the camp. Her classmates were killed in the fires. 

She is Karen.  We were told of other stories of the atrocities committed against the Karen people who fled from the long standing war between the Karen and the Burmese Military Junta- the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) We were told of rape; forced labor, using people as land mine sweepers; destruction of crops and villages; loss of limbs by land mines; and the suppression of information regarding these atrocities from the outside world by the SPDC.
Please read our field report about delivering help directly to refugees from the violence in Burma >


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